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Accounts Receivable Purchasing


Do you wish to turn all your unpaid invoices into quick cash? Ask us. We are the only company which buys accounts receivable under any aging bucket.

Yes, we buy all healthcare accounts receivable,
whether they are 30, 60 or more than 90 days old!

We even buy accounts receivable older than 180 days that nobody else would touch!

Claims submitted by healthcare service companies (Providers) to insurance companies (Payers) get denied for many reasons, such as coding errors, improper billing, late submissions or missing documents.

While a few such denials are common among most Providers, too many of them can adversely impact your credit ratings and financial credibility in the market, not to mention the damage it does to your cash flow.

If you have unpaid receivables lying around,
why not sell them to us for some instant cash?

You can get paid up to 85% of the total claim value. Just apply for free and our A/R analysts will tell you how much money you are eligible to receive for your invoices.

We have a fast and really simple approval system, and your application could get approved within just 72 hours!


  • Instant Cash for Every Reason
  • Payout of up to 85% of Total Claim Value
  • 72-Hr. Quick Approval
  • Simple Application
  • FREE Evaluation
  • Low A/R Recovery Fees


Services that pay you for your accounts receivables are not hard to find but nobody can give you the kind of advantage that GoTelecare can!

Here’s what makes us the best people to sell your receivables to:

  • 97% Collection Rate
  • Proven Expertise in A/R Recovery
  • Over 7 Years in Successful Operation
  • Highly Experienced A/R Specialists
  • Working for Both Payers and Providers
  • Excellent References

So whatever the reason – be it growing your business, paying the vendors, employee payroll or simply helping you tide over a financial crunch – it is time to turn all your old unpaid invoices into a goldmine! Get in touch with us today.
Apply now!

Remote Patient Monitoring

Keeping physicians and patients connected

GoTelecare’s Remote Patient Monitoring combines cutting-edge sensor technology, advanced cellular technology, and the increased affordability of embedded communication devices to advance seamless, continuous provider care while easing the care burden for patients. The service offers a comprehensive solution to monitoring a patient’s vital signs and getting alerted automatically whenever they cross a pre-determined threshold value.


GoTelecare Remote Patient Monitoring is capable of accurately recording and reporting a wide range of patient vitals, such as:


We Are

A payer neutral, HIPAA secure, doctor to patient video teleconferencing platform with built in EMR, medical billing and mHealth capabilities that requires little to no up front expense for implementation and no additional out of pocket expenses for patients.

Know more about our telemedicine service offering

Key Facts

Comprehensive end to end telemedicine solution

No upfront cost, software to purchase, or implementation costs

Customizable telemedicine platform to meet your program goals

Only computer, laptop, or smart phone required

HIPAA & PCI Payment Compliant

Scheduling, medical billing, & collections included

Medical Billing

Medical Billing Services

Our medical coding and billing services are designed to address a wide range of issues and challenges faced by hospitals and physicians while realizing payments. By leveraging efficient processes and billing workflows, we help to improve productivity and quality, which in turn reduces operational cost and boosts revenue generation. Our billing process experts can provide customized solutions to help you achieve your business objectives. These solutions not only dramatically improve efficiency in a manner which is surprisingly cost-effective, but also allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Service

GoTelecare’s end-to-end revenue cycle management services are designed to leverage from our productivity, performance, experience and knowledge, thereby reducing your cost of operations and increasing overall revenue. Our medical billing process experts can provide customized solutions to achieve your business objectives, which are efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, allow you to focus on your long-term business goals.

Healthcare businesses requiring dedicated medical billers/coders/data analysts can save more than $20,000 per employee every year by outsourcing to us. We can handle all your billing requirements at just $10 per hour for each full-time executive. And did you know that we are the only Revenue Cycle Management company serving both Payors (Health Insurance Plans) and Providers (DME / Orthotics& Prosthetics, Home Healthcare, Nursing Homes and other healthcare facilities) in the US with an impeccable track record of over 7 years?

Social Media Marketing

GoTelecare’s repertoire of services reaches beyond RCM into the realm of generating fresh business for all clients through online branding and social media marketing.

Consistently generating leads that get converted into paying customers over time, is the lifeline of any business. With GoTelecare by your side, you can stop worrying about missing out on the opportunity to discover and connect with bona fide prospects.

We leverage our access to more than 3.4 million healthcare providers to find the best matches for every client’s business. Whether you run an urgent care center, a DME shop, a nursing home, a home health agency, or sell medical billing software, you can rely on us to connect you with the hottest leads from your vicinity.

GoTelecare also gets you hundreds of targeted, high-quality leads through multi-channel B2B / B2C marketing. We employ email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), LinkedIn® marketing, paid advertising, and more, executed by highly experienced professionals in promoting healthcare products and services on the digital platform.

It’s an edge no other RCM company will give you!

Our Clients Experience:

  • > 98% Claims Accuracy
  • > 97% Collection Rate
  • > 90% 1st Claims Pass Rate
  • Active lead-generation from social media marketing
  • As low as 3% Claims Denial Rates
  • Professional Claims Pricing lowest in the industry
  • Institutional Claims Pricing as low as 2.9%
  • FREE Billing Software with zero-cost implementation
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Excellent References